Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki for TressAllure


TressAllure Fashion Wig Care Products
For long lasting beauty!

TressAllure developed an exclusive three step system that cleans, restores and styles your TressAllure wigs for a beautiful and natural look.

Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki for TressAllure

TressAllure Wig Shampoo

Removes organic residue from the hair fiber leaving your wig clean, fresh smelling and easy to manage.

Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki for TressAllure

TressAllure Wig Conditioner

Formulated with renowned Keneka oil that moisturizes and restores the soft touch of the hair fiber to its natural appearance and style.

Finishing mist

TressAllure Wig Finishing Mist

Enhances natural shine and appearance while providing sufficient style support for the woman with a busy schedule.


TressAllure Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki

With her whole adult life devoted to the ready-to-wear hair industry, Noriko Suzuki works with an artist’s passion and a scientist’s precision- a rare combination. Her work embodies the epitome of artisanship.

Always standing at the crossroad of art and science, craftsmanship and innovation, Noriko Suzuki relentlessly pursues excellence and never settles. Now one of the most renowned and recognized designers worldwide in the industry, she turns a new chapter in her professional career.

Noriko Suzuki is proud to be the exclusive wig designer for TressAllure [not affiliated with Aderans] and is eager to create, innovate, and inspire.

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TressAllure Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki

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